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News | Accessories and assembly the AISFÓN system

The AISFÓN system is an effective and economic way to resolve all your sound issues for both external and internal installations. Their ease of assembly allows the creation of enclosures, barriers, ceilings, and interior space dividers...

AISFÓN holds the advantage of being able to disassemble the installation either partially or fully in the event of needing to replace worn panel modules, or for the reparation of any of the enclosure’s interior elements, which need to be moved or replaced.

This is achieved thanks to the independent support structure in respect of the modules that make up the enclosure, which is opposed to conventional methods where the structure does not even exist, and where the replacement of an element has to include the complete disassembly of the acoustic installation.

The totally mechanised structure is delivered, with the sole assembly requirement of basic tools such as a drill and a screwdriver.

A wide range of accessories and profiles especially designed for the system easily allows for an installation in accordance with the needs of each specific situation and is totally adaptable to any area or space available.
Provide us with the measurements of the enclosure you require and we’ll send you the ready to be used installation kit. Should you require it, we also have a team of specialised fitters who can take care of any work required for your installation.

Assembly of a cabin AISFÓN:

1. In the first place the assembly of the structure formed by the corners, divisors and structural profiles will be carried out.

2. The second step is the placement of the profiling, the fixing clips and the interior fixation angles (or external if the placement
of the panels is made from inside the cabin). These will be fixed by rivets to the structure once installed in the staple.

3. Finally the panels, doors, visors, silencers and other accessories will be placed. Simultaneously, the external fixation angles will be installed to immobilize said elements.

The assembly of the panels is carried out by exerting a slight pressure on the joints between panels, until the inner ribs are fitted. Disassembly requires the reverse operation. Its simplicity allows changing any module in case of need.
All parts are supplied in white pre-lacquered steel, although on request it can be supplied in other colors of the RAL chart.

The modulation capacity of the AISFÓN cabinets allows the incorporation of silencers, acoustic grids, doors or registers to complete the access and ventilation needs of the enclosures.

Our technical department can advise you on the design and calculation of the best acoustic solution for each situation. Any doubt in the design, calculation and assembly of the AISFÓN enclosure can be raised for its resolution.

If necessary, we have a team of professionals to assemble the requested cabins.

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