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News | Acoustic silencers, ¿What are they used for?

The acoustic mufflers of air flow, are elements mainly designed for the attenuation of noise caused by ventilation facilities both industrial and civil.

They are widely used in installations where large volumes of air move at low pressures. They base their operation on the dissipative action of the absorbent material that is placed inside, forming chambers, conduits or labyrinths, according to design and construction, where the air is channeled.

Its attenuation depends to a large extent on the absorption coefficient of said materials, the volume and the length of the path to which the flow is subjected.

In Sintec Soundproofing we have a wide range of products designed to fulfill this task. Where we develop, test and manufacture silencers oriented to different sectors of the market, according to the functions and singular characteristics that they have to perform.

The proper choice of an air flow silencer requires the exact knowledge of the operating conditions to which it will be subjected. Air flow, loss of load, necessary attenuation, energy efficiency .. are some of the parameters that will determine the correct functioning of the system.

For this calculation, computer programs are used that quantify all the parameters with maximum accuracy.

An acoustic silencer can be described as an acoustic filter that is inserted in conduits that transport fluids, fluid escapes or in admission to equipment that transports fluids, in order to reduce the levels of sound emission to outside environments or in other areas of the circuit where fluid transport is performed.

This type of acoustic filter is applicable to a wide variety of cases and situations where the reduction of noise levels caused by the transport of these gases is essential: gas turbines, diesel engines, compressors, cooling towers, fans, power plants, suppressors, gas transport lines, scrubbers, refineries, air conditioning systems, etc.

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