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News | Types of Acoustic Doors in Sintec

Our doors are designed for places where a high isolation rate is required.
Its insulating structure is achieved by the superposition of shock absorbers and insulating materials. The blade is divided into two bodies to prevent transmission via solid and joined together by a perimetral neoprene gasket.

The closure is made of injected duralumin, obtaining its adjustment point in the center of the door, thereby achieving an equal leaf-frame pressure throughout the perimeter.
The pressure seals contain small air chambers to allow expansion of the material, thereby achieving a completely hermetic fit.

Acoustic doors TC1:
TC1 acoustic doors are doors designed to offer high levels of acoustic insulation.
The degree of isolation and quality they offer is adapted to the acoustic requirements of club projects, recording studios, radio and television sets, dubbing rooms and machine rooms.

Acoustic doors TC2:
TC2 acoustic doors are doors designed to offer high levels of acoustic insulation.
The degree of insulation and quality they offer satisfies the acoustic requirements of the most demanding projects. They are used in nightclubs, dubbing rooms, recording studios, radio and television sets, machine rooms and in general where it is necessary to attenuate very high noise levels. The internal composition forms a multilayer complex of different absorbent and attenuating materials with a total thickness of 100 mm.

Acoustic doors TC3 RF-90:
TC3 model doors are acoustic doors with RF classification manufactured to offer high levels of acoustic insulation.
The perimeter frames, made of 1.5 mm steel sheet, are designed to minimize heat transmission in the event of direct exposure to fire, as well as its internal composition based on different materials. The TC3 doors have a double weatherstrip around the perimeter. High density neoprene with inner air chamber to allow compression of the material. The double intumescent gasket offers fire and smoke tightness for 90 minutes.

The TC3 doors have been tested in approved laboratories, both in reaction to fire and acoustic insulation and have the corresponding official test certificates.
In projects where the requirement of a fire door meets a need for acoustic insulation, TC3 doors are the best choice.

PS Acoustic Doors:
PS model acoustic doors are designed to offer high levels of acoustic insulation, with an optimal price-quality ratio.
The doors have a perimeter frame of high rigidity, the sheet is made of 1.5 mm thick steel sheet and internal reinforcements. The internal multilayer composition, based on the combination of insulating and absorbent materials allows the attenuation of noise avoiding the transmission to the outside.
The PS doors are provided with a double density high density neoprene weave around the perimeter in order to offer maximum sealing.

TCM Acoustic Doors:
TCM model acoustic doors manufactured by SINTEC are wooden acoustic doors designed to offer sound insulation levels much higher than similar doors on the market.
The degree of isolation and quality they offer is ideal to cover the acoustic requirements of medical offices, offices, meeting rooms ... and in general where privacy and functionality are essential requirements.

Acoustic Viewers:

The acoustic viewers are non-practicable windows that offer high acoustic insulation. SINTEC has two models of viewers: the simple VS visors and the double VD visors, both suitable for installation in block partitions or in dry partitions. The acoustic viewers are used in recording studios, dubbing rooms, audiometric booths and industrial control rooms among others, and in general where good acoustic insulation is necessary to allow exterior vision.
The simple VS visors are steel structures, like a frame, prepared with claws for mounting on partitions, which support a polished moon. The glass thickness is variable but in a standard way SINTEC places a monolithic glass 10 mm thick. If the specifications of the project require another thickness, glass type or dimensions different from the standard ones, these must be specified in the order.

The double VD visors are formed by two independent structures and each of them supports a glazing. To obtain a good performance of the double viewers they must be mounted in double partitions.
If each viewer or mounting structure on a partition will prevent them from forming acoustic bridges. To break the symmetry, each structure will support glass of different thickness. SINTEC uses in this type of monolithic glasses glasses of 8 mm and 10 mm thickness but on demand they can vary in type and thickness.

The distance between crystals in a VD viewer is variable and depends on the double partition of the work where it is placed, however distances greater than 100 mm are recommended. to obtain good behavior at low frequencies.
Perimetrically at the height of the frames a tray of absorbent material helps to eliminate the internal resonances of the cavity.

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