Customized solutions

Are you facing noise problems and looking for an effective solution?

At SINTEC, we are dedicated to studying each case in detail to offer specific responses to any condition or situation that arises.

Our specialty lies in the development and personalized manufacturing of acoustic elements, with the aim of providing the most appropriate solution to your needs. We adapt to the available space, the requested construction requirements, as well as any specific handling or access needs.

At SINTEC, we are committed to providing you with acoustic solutions adapted to your needs, ensuring efficiency and quality in each project.

Design and manufacture of special adapted enclosures.

Creation of Mobile cabins for changing situations.

Manufacture of acoustic silencers with specific shapes.

Design and construction of specific cabins for compressors

Manufacture of small removable cabins for greater versatility.

Design of specific acoustic encapsulations for engines.

Creation of audiometry booths for specialized environments.

Mobile barriers separating jobs

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