The development and innovation of new products is key.

Our technical department has the aim of improving the manufactured products, monitoring the parameters for which they have been designed and developing new solutions allowing to implement the latest soundproofing techniques with a higher efficiency.

We can count on testing rooms as well as laboratories equipped with the most advanced technology and instrumentation relating to study and analysis of new techniques and soundproofing materials. Here we test all our products for specific indicators relating to acoustic attenuation, effectiveness, functionality, durability and design. These tests are carried out paying close attention to every detail in order for our final products to offer the highest assurances in relation to quality.

Also, we offer such facilities to our customers to study, test and measure any product or acoustic solution they need. Our engineers will carry out these tasks under your supervision.

desarrollo e innovacion

Projects and engineering office

The need to adapt to the different requirements of all projects subject to the compliance of current noise regulations, involves a study and an accurate follow-up of the solutions that must be taken in every case. The analysis and completion of anacoustic study is fundamental in order to be able to develop the most appropriate solution.

Our technical department is at the disposal of all our clients, which, for the completion of said projects require analysis and design of the necessary acoustic solution for the acoustic issue at hand. We can count on the latest generation equipment necessary to carry out insulation measurements, calculation and evaluation of reverberation times, 3D and simulated spectral analysis, pink noise emitters and everything else necessary to complete these tasks.

A team of engineers shall visit the location concerned to take on site measurements of any sound issues there may be, complete a report in relation to it and design the most appropriate solution for said issue in order to meet noise control regulations. 


These constructive solutions shall be adapted to the specific needs and situations concerned, evaluating in detail any possible alternatives that could be carried out, both in terms of financial savings as well as effectiveness of the solution studied, using materials and components developed by our own R&D department.

Our objective is to offer solutions that ensure the best results with the minimum expenditure. 

Do not hesitate in asking. We’ll be happy to advise.  

Oficina de proyectos Sintec


At our facilities we have the latest technology and machinery necessary to design and manufacture all our products with absolute precision.

From drilling presses, profiling lines, numerically controlled cutting lines, as well as panel transformation and laser cutting equipment for all types of items, as well as welding and mechanisation centres.

Our rigorous quality checks, to which all our processes are submitted, along with the use of the highest quality raw materials allow us to achieve the most durable products.

The quality control sections are charged with checking for perfection in all our final products, something that is fundamental to ensure our products work correctly over time.


fabricación sistemas de insonorizacion


sistemas de insonorizacion

Design and installation of bespoke solutions

The design of the constructive solutions, upon request of our clients or in association with the engineering companies of the sector, is essential to produce an excellent work. Each problem has a solution and it must be designed, manufactured and installed offering at the same time the best result and adapting to the environment needs and the regulations in force.

For the soundproofing project to be a success it mainly depends on the phase previous to the manufacturing.

The calculation of the various constructive solutions, the work planning, work control and execution of the plans are carried out with the upmost care by our technicians and specially trained fitters, who complete to perfection any acoustic project they are charged with.



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