Our company

Our company

Our proposal is not to provide a simple product or service: it is to offer peace of mind

Our Philosophy

Since 1989 our company has been offering bespoke solutions and soundproofing products to cover the wide range of needs found in the market. Since then, our company has experienced a continuous development and growth, which has allowed us to gain a leading position in our sector.

Currently, we have at our disposal a wide range of products manufactured by ourselves as well as numerous soundproofing systems; all tested and proven within our laboratories, aimed at meeting the strictest soundproofing guidelines and regulations, and offering the maximum guarantee of a quality product.

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We have modern, wide and functional facilities which fit perfectly with our business and corporative activities. This allows us to continuously have a stock of products manufactured with standard dimensions, as well as having the capacity of designing and manufacturing solutions upon request, according to the needs and requirements of the project.

Our engineering department researches, develops and tests all the products we design and manufacture before launching them into the market.


Sectors such as:

Manufacturing, construction, food sector, environmental acoustics, commerce, entertainment and communication...

currently use our systems in order to meet the requirements and demands of the regulations relating to noise control.

Our aim: To keep on innovating, growing, researching and being able to improve on a daily basis, in order to offer our warranty and safety in all we do.

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