AISFÓN 100 Acoustic Panels

AISFÓN 100 Acoustic Panels



The AISFÓN 100 panels are self-supporting modular acoustic panels used for the construction of sound booths and acoustic screens.

Manufactured with 400mm wide by 100mm thick modules via a lateral crimp system, which allows for installation without the need for auxiliary screws. Manufactured via an exterior stainless steel sheet tray, a rock wool nucleus with black veil protection and a closure tray via a white, multi-diameter perforated pre-lacquered steel sheet mechanical bond. This system, as opposed to adhesive bond mechanisms, avoids parts coming away over time. Optionally, it also comes in a RAL colour of your choice.

The AISFÓN 100 panel is the most used material for the construction of big acoustic enclosures, thanks to its high torsional rigidity and the excellent acoustic performance. The assembly doesn’t need an auxiliary structure, since this structure is formed by the modules themselves.

The interior material filling varies depending on the type of panel and soundproofing to be used.


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We design, manufacture and install bespoke solutions, according to the project requirements and the needs of the client.

Our fitters, alongside the installation control technicians, will complete any acoustic solution you need.


Interior and exterior acoustic screens.

Room dividers.

Sound booths for machines.

Rest areas in the industry.

Acoustic enclosures for refrigeration and air conditioning units.

Control rooms...

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