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The AISFÓN panels from the PI series are self-supporting modular panels developed to be used with booths, enclosures and barriers or acoustic screens for any type of machinery as well as for any civil or industrial installation.

They are manufactured from pre-lacquered white galvanised panels and, optionally, they also come in a RAL colour of your choice. The panel is made up of two cold formed and profiled trays, one with a multi-diameter perforation according to the model required, which is mechanically bonded via side-laminated ribbing. This system, as opposed to adhesive bond mechanisms, avoids parts coming away over time.

The interior filling varies in accordance with the type of panel and soundproofing required, achieving high levels of attenuation using just 52mm thick panels.

Each module is 400mm wide and 52mm thick. The length is manufactured as required meaning less material waste.

Each module is press fit, creating walls and ceilings quickly and easily through the use of AISFÓN sheet specific sections.


Main advantages

Great surface resistance. As opposed to other types of linings, AISFÓN does not degrade over time; its pre-lacquered panels surface offers excellent surface resistance, maintaining its look and material properties over time. Its surface can also be easily cleaned.

Excellent absorption rate throughout the full frequency range. AISFÓN has an absorption rate in a very wide bandwidth thanks to its multi-diameter perforation.

Quick and easy fitting. Thanks to its longitudinal shape, AISFÓN makes its fitting and disassembly a great deal easier.



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At our facilities we have the latest technology and machinery necessary to design and manufacture all our products with absolute precision.

To obtain the desired results, it is essential to adapt the product to the specific needs of the client.


We design, manufacture and install bespoke solutions, according to the project requirements and the needs of the client.

Our fitters, alongside the installation control technicians, will complete any acoustic solution you need.


Exterior acoustic screens.

Room dividers

Sound booths for machines.

Rest areas in the industry.

Acoustic enclosures for refrigeration and air conditioning units.

Audiometric booths.

Control rooms...

Acoustic properties

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PI 202
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PI 302
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