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Engineering | Innovation and development


The development and innovation of new products is key.

Our technical department has the aim of improving the manufactured products, monitoring the parameters for which they have been designed and developing new solutions allowing to implement the latest soundproofing techniques with a higher efficiency.

We can count on testing rooms as well as laboratories equipped with the most advanced technology and instrumentation relating to study and analysis of new techniques and soundproofing materials. Here we test all our products for specific indicators relating to acoustic attenuation, effectiveness, functionality, durability and design. These tests are carried out paying close attention to every detail in order for our final products to offer the highest assurances in relation to quality.

Also, we offer such facilities to our customers to study, test and measure any product or acoustic solution they need. Our engineers will carry out these tasks under your supervision.
Through joint collaboration the highest quality results will be aimed for, which can lead to the modification, where possible, of the appropriate parameters of the product being developed.

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