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Sound insulation

Dampening materials are widely used to increase the acoustic insulation rate from any type of walls and surfaces exposed to noise, when these must have a certain level of sound attenuation.

Most often, these materials are applied to walls, ceilings and floors in civil engineering works where its commercial activity may cause noise hotspots in contiguous housing. Another frequent application is, for example, the acoustic treatment in plate enclosures for machine housings.

The dampening materials are heavy and elastic, so they are capable of creating a reflection on sound waves which impact on them and thus they prevent the transmission of noise towards the outside. This is how the desired acoustic insulation is attained.

The necessary acoustic insulation degree in each case can be attained with a higher or lower combination of these materials along with more rigid ones. Such combinations produce the so-called mass-spring effect.
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CP insulating sheets


CP insulating sheets from SINTEC are composed of an EPDM rubber flexible polymeric base with additives of mineral loads, which provide a high density material.

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Arkobel is high-density polyurethane agglomerate, which ensures a high level of soundproofing. Its design allows for ceiling...

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Anti-vibration MOUSSE


The anti-vibration MOUSSE is especially suitable for perimeter separators for high performance floating ceilings.

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Sound-isolating complex PF5


The PF-5 soundproofing complex from SINTEC is composed of a flexible polymeric base made of EPDM rubber with mineral load additives.

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