Absorbent Baffles

Absorbent Baffles


Baffles are modular soundproofing components for the acoustic conditioning of buildings.

They are used to reduce the reverberation time within a building as well as attenuating, via absorption, noise inside buildings. Its main function is sound conditioning.

They can be installed by being hung from the ceiling, creating acoustic absorption, which is directly proportional to the number of components used.

Absorbent baffles are especially suitable for those places that do not allow for the fitting of continuous absorbent ceilings. Installation is carried out via hanging wires and rings.

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At our facilities we have the latest technology and machinery necessary to design and manufacture all our products with absolute precision.

To obtain the desired results, it is essential to adapt the product to the specific needs of the client.


We design, manufacture and install bespoke solutions, according to the project requirements and the needs of the client.

Our fitters, alongside the installation control technicians, will complete any acoustic solution you need.


Correction of reverberation times in sports halls, large areas…

Sound comfort at the workplace (industry).

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