SINTEC’s TECPYRAMID foam is made from pyramid shaped open celled or melamine resin expanded polyurethane foam, which provides it with excellent soundproofing qualities through a wide range of frequencies. This is achieved thanks to its special sizing, which multiplies its performance per surface unit.

TECPYRAMID corrects the reverberation time in locations with poor sound, as well as being used for absorption attenuation in all type of sound points.

It is easily fitted with the use of adhesives.

The TECPYRAMID absorbing foam is particularly ideal for absorbing treatments for small recording studios or for the reverberation adjustment times in concert halls.

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At our facilities we have the latest technology and machinery necessary to design and manufacture all our products with absolute precision.

To obtain the desired results, it is essential to adapt the product to the specific needs of the client.


We design, manufacture and install bespoke solutions, according to the project requirements and the needs of the client.

Our fitters, alongside the installation control technicians, will complete any acoustic solution you need.


Correction of reverberation times

Recording studios.

Music rehearsal studios...

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